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How Your Order is Processed

We list and sell our books on many websites - including our own Each site we sell from differs in terms of order method and format, but we ship all orders the same.

Our order and shipping team is made up of people who take pride in their work and enjoy hearing back from satisfied customers. We are not just saying this, it is actually true. For us it is not just about the books, it is all about people.

When your order is received:

#1) We pull your order from whichever store or warehouse you ordered from

#2) We process your order and payment

#3) Where possible, we send every buyer an e-mail confirmation which provides shipping info and details including estimated delivery times (some sites we list on have automated confirmation systems that do not provide us with buyer contact info).

See detailed overview of delivery times for orders.

#4) Your order is carefully packed and promptly shipped

The illustrations below show how a typical shipment is prepared by our experienced shipping team.

If You Paid by Credit Card:

If you paid Arundel Books directly by credit card your receipt will be included for your records.

DO NOT WORRY - your complete card # is NOT included!

If you used other payments systems (like Amazon payments), this does not apply.

Your Order is Wrapped in Paper:

Simple brown kraft paper.

Your Book is Packed in Cardboard:

Most of our shipments are packed in VDF boxes (stands for Variable Depth Folded).

Some larger books or multiple book orders require larger or different boxes. Sme smaller books are shipped in extremely stiff cardstock photomailers.

Priority Mail & Global Priority Air Mail:

Orders that require delivery via Priority Mail, Global Priority Air Mail, etc., require use of a flat rate mailing envelope.

But inside that envelope we wrap your book securely in a VDF box or in cardboard trimmed to size.

We want to make sure you get your book in great shape!

Where do the Books
Come From?

The books you order are either on the shelves in one of our two retail stores, or on the shelves in either of our two internet warehouses.