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Chatwin has published an astonishing number of books so far, and a slew of new releases coming. Authors, artists, and photographers published or forthcoming include:

Annie Brule, Tom Conway, Ron Ellison, Jack Grapes, Lindsay Hill, Pam Ingalls, Cal Kinnear, Gerald Lange, David Lynch, J. Greg Perkins, Harry Reese,  Jane Richlovsky, Lou Rowan, Nicole Sarrocco, Sunny Savina, Rex Wilder,  Maged Zaher...

New Publication from Arundel Press

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new book from Arundel Press. James B. Moore's Swan Dive is a poignant collection of poems from the perspective of a man of a certain age, who, although he has surrendered any expectation of romantic fulfillment, yet retains that last shred of hope... and it is that last shred that makes him vulnerable and this small collection at once so searing and so endearing.

This, the author's first book, is limited to 100 copies signed by the author. The work was printed letterpress at Arundel Press by Phil Bevis, Derek Smith, and Rebecca Mancuso on our vintage Asbern Proof Press. Typography designed with the kind assistance of Gerald Lange of Bieler Press. [16] pages, handsewn.

A hardcover edition is forthcoming.

Softcover Price $45.00
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"don't you kill him 

at a nightclub 

after midnight 

on New Year's Eve 

with a beautiful much younger 


we leave arm in arm, smiling 

a hooker at the next table 

calls our to my date 

“don't you kill him tonight, girl!” 

as we both laugh 

I notice my date's laughter 

is louder"

A Work of Surpassing Sensuality

Beauty and the Books, a portfolio of photographs by Vanessa Rudloff, with accompanying poems by Rex Wilder, is a true creative collaboration between author and artist. The oversized portfolio (17 x 11 inches) of seven signed photographs is accompanied by Wilder's poems in broadside format.

The edition is limited to 30 numbered copies, of which 26 are for sale. The text was printed letterpress in Perpetua type on Innova 315-gram paper by Phil Bevis, Derek Smith, and Rebecca Mancuso on an Asbern proof press at the Arundel Press studio on Vashon Island. The portfolio cases, covered in Japanese silk, were made by hand at the Campbell-Logan Bindery in Minneapolis.

PRICE: $750.00 Click to order

This is the first book by Rudloff, a remarkably talented young photographer. As she says, "Beauty and the Books manifested itself from an errant suggestion to make reading sexy. What could be sexier than lazily reading a book in the nude?" The photographs were shot on location at Arundel Books' store in Seattle.

Rex Wilder has been widely published in major English language magazines and reviews. An elegant formalist and leader of the New Romantics, Wilder has been praised for his classical appreciation of the fairer sex. A. E. Stallings says of his first book, Waking Bodies (Red Hen Press, 2006): "Like a body waking from sleep, these poems stretch and reach out and anticipate."Two-Time Pulitzer Prize Winner and Poet Laureate Richard Wilbur writes, "[Wilder] can handle the erotic without false notes."

Moods Descending a Staircase
by Rex Wilder

Moods are infants, wary
And unwary. Lofty moods
Miniaturize worry.
Moods overdo it. All's well
With no mood. The finest
Moods are not made
From clay but forged
From the sands of time
Into glass, and blown
All out of proportion until
They become vessels
Of brittle happiness.
The only mood I care
About is yours. Your cirrus
Mood that tips the blues
Of your eyes with
Mischief and cues
My heart's stage manager
To silence the overture
And open your blouse.

Another Lindsay Hill from Arundel Press

Sea of Hooks, the new novel by Lindsay Hill, has brought one of our favorite all-time poets to the attention of the American public - it was recently named by Publisher's Weekly to their Top 10 List for 2013!

We're proud to say we issued the first part of it as a chapbook! Under the same title! Our Sea of Hooks is a poetry chapbook, and is a hand-printed limited edition is signed by author. Of 75 total copies issued, this is one of 55 copies bound in handmade paper (the other 22 have fish-hooks - yes, real fish-hooks - embedded in the cover).

The paper for the covers was was specially made for this edition. The text was hand-printed letterpress on an Asbern Press.

Price: $125.00

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Gold Rush: Twenty-Five Wood Engravings... on a Theme of the Discovery and Mining of Gold in America, Africa, & Australia by Barry Moser:
Los Angeles, 1985.

Twenty five original signed wood engravings by Barry Moser on a theme of the discovery and mining of gold in America, Africa, and Australia, with a note on these prints by the artist. Each print is signed by Moser in pencil.

The prints are encased in a deluxe, custom box covered in black silk.

The edition is limited to 350 copies (printed by Harold McGrath) and in addition to including the 25 signed original prints, each copy of the text is also signed by the artist on colophon.

Barry Moser is one of the world's leading illustrators of fine press books, including the Grabhorn-Hoyem MOBY DICK, the Pennryroyal ALICE IN WONDERLAND, and most recently a celebrated edition of the BIBLE.

Price $1200

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Karate Bride by Nicole Sarrocco

Karate Bride is Nicole Sarrocco's first full-length collection of poetry. She is a North Carolina native whose work reflects a family life that is at times familiar and at times eccentric. Flavored with events and memories from her home state, Ms. Sarrocco's work blends idiom and image in a straightforward manner sure to appeal to poetry lovers - and to surprise people who think they do not like poetry. Or the South.

Her screenplays Answers to Lucky and Motel Canterbury were selected for the final round of competition in the Sundance Feature Film Program for its labs in 2003 and 2004, respectively. Deflowered in the Attic, a satirical play based on several works of teenage gothic fiction, enjoyed several successful runs in Seattle and an off-off-Broadway New York preview. The play was honored with a Footlight Award from the Seattle Times as Best of the Fringe.

Varied travels and years of working a series of any odd or mundane jobs that might occasion the telling of a story have given her a deep appreciation of her roots, as well as an assortment of experiences, personalities, and curiosities to mine.

About the Author
Ms. Sarrocco recently received her PhD. in English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, following Masters degrees in both English and Creative Writing. She now teaches in North Carolina. Her poems have appeared in journals, magazines, Seattle buses, gumball machines, and, reportedly, on Australian Public Radio, and have won awards including the Agnes Scott Writers' Festival Award and the Galway Kinnell Award.

Nicole is also the Senior Correspondent of our website. Click here to see Nicole's columns about life, love, literature, the arts, and the South.

Note: illustration shows the paperback edition, notable for the color reproduction of the "sandragraph print" by Harry Reese on wrappers. Book design by Gerald Lange of The Bieler Press.


Paperback $12.50
Hardcover signed limited: $75

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Markey, Veronica
Pretty is Hard: Poems About Shoes, Chocolate and Best Friends.

Los Angeles & Seattle, Arundel Books, 2004

This astoundingly funny and inspiring collection of poems was written by Veronica Markey, age 5 (the author is now 6). Far more than a novelty, the collection is a testament to the creativity of young minds. This book will entertain and encourage parents, children, and poetry lovers of all ages.

The title poem reads:

Pretty is Hard:

Let's dress up
like we are pretty people today
let's get started right now
it's going to take a long time
because pretty is hard.

New. Binding: Paperback (stapled). 16mo - over 5�" - 6�" tall. First edition.

Price $7.95

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The Gang of Eight by Tom Clark
Arundel Press, 2003.

After ninteeen years travail and delay this remarkable fine press title is finished. Begun in 1984, with a title page reading 1994, this work was finally issued in 2003!

This allegorical tale features Ezra Pound, his gang composed of six Modernists, James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, William Butler Yeats, T. E. Hulme, Wyndham Lewis, Ford Madox Ford, and the noted American arch-criminal John Dillinger, united to steal... THE FUTURE.

Illustrated with 8 stunning Photogravure Plates By Jonathan Clark Interpreted from Paintings By Tom Clark. Each of these 8 prominent figures is reprsented by what can only be described as a monumental portrait in a dark sepia tone.

The plates are hand-fet gravures printed from steel-faced copper plates, and the text was printed letterpress in three colors from handset Goudy Modern types on heavy Rives Arches paper by Jonathan Clark at the Artichoke Press, this work is a typographic and pictorial monument to the late 1920's... with a few strange changes courtesy of Tom Clark's fevered imagination. Bound by Campbell Logan Bindery, this edition is limited to 450 copies.

We at Arundel Books consider this to visually be our most visually interesting book, and believe it has been well worth the wait.

Price $225

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Thompson, John E.
White Men : A Portfolio of Wood Engraved Portraits

Los Angeles & Seattle, Arundel Books, 1996.

One of only 75 numbered copies issued, each copy signed by the artist. The portfolio consists of thirteen wood-engraved portraits of men of the white persuasion, all friends of the artist and publisher.

Included among those portrayed is poet Lindsay Hill, printer Gerald Lange, the artist and publisher, and a host of others. Also includes a title page engraving.

This fine collection of original signed and numbered prints is housed in a custom folding case (with pictorial paper label) by the Campbell-Logan Bindery.

What is particularly notable about this body of work is that it demonstrated a new method of wood-engravings developed by the artist, using jewelers micro-chisels. The original engravings were printed by Chris Stern at Grey Spider Press.

Price $375

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Calling down the Birds : A Tale Told in Wood by Christopher Stern:
Los Angeles and Seattle, Arundel Books, 1994.

Pictorial short story, told in woodcut illustrations. In essence this is a short version of a woodcut novel of the sort made popular by Lynd Ward.

Chris Stern is one of the leading printers and book artists in Washington State, and is the proprietor of Grey Spider Press.

One of 125 copies (the entire edition), printed on Mohawk Molino paper from the original blocks; signed and numbered in pencil by Stern on limitation page. [32] pages (unpaginated). 1 Color & 12 b/w Woodcut Illustrations.

Price $45

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Ahouse, John. "Upton Sinclair: A Descriptive, Annotated Bibliography"
Los Angeles, Mercer & Aitchison / Arundel Books 1994
xiii+167 pp. Extensively annotated bibliography, verging on a bio-bibliography. Hardback, with dustjacket. ISBN:0923980350

Price $55

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Songs and Heroes by Robinson Jeffers:
Los Angeles, Arundel Press, 1988.

Selected early poems, PUBLISHED HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME, edited from the manuscripts by Robert J. Brophy, with his notes at end of text.

Both editions are printed letterpress by Patrick Reagh and bound by Bela Blau. 33, [4] pages.

This body of work falls chronologically in Jeffers' oeuvre between Flagons and Apples and Californians, essential to any understanding of the poet's evolution from traditional verse forms to the long line format that defined his greatness.


I woud not in old days submit
To any manner of deceit,
Holding myself too free and proud
To follow the fallacious crowd,
Who are well content to take for truth
The cryings of any louder mouth.

Now, seeing with too clear an eye
The immeasurable vanity,
The ugly intolerable disgrace,
Of the unintelligent emptiness,
Imaginary heaven in vain
I storm with prayer that once again
I may win back, having believed,
The happiness of men deceived.

Regular edition, limited to 200 copies on Frankfurt paper,

Price $165
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Deluxe edition, limited to 50 copies on Gutenberg laid paper,

Price $300

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Kill Series by Lidsay Hill.
Los Angeles, Arundel Press, 1992

A remarkable series of 12 poems, inspired by the events in the First Persian Gulf War and its aftermath.

An unusual book, one of the earliest to employ digital type and polymer plates in a letterpress printed book. BOOKWAYS reviewed this work, and named it as the first book using digital type to embody the tradtions of the hand press book.

The drawings on the title page are original, by hand, and unique to each copy (by Gerald Lange and Robin Price). The cloth was dyed for this edition, the paste-paper for the boards was created for this edition (both by binder David Brock).

One of 225 numbered copies SIGNED BY AUTHOR LINDSAY HILL produced by Philip Bevis, designed by Gerald Lange, printed letterpress by Emily Mason Strayer at the Kutenai Press, South Willington, CT, and handbound by David Brock; signed by Hill in pencil on limitation page.


I have returned from the lake of origami boats
each holding a candle

It was not the tide that pulled them underneath
it was not the wind

It was not the tide that broke their paper backs
it was our hands

Price: Hardcover signed limited: $199.95

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The Art of Beauty / De Medicamine Faciei Feminae by Ovid [Publius Ovidius Naso]
Los Angeles, 1990. Co-published with the Black-Letter Press of Jagtfeld, Germany.

A remarkably stunning edition of one of this classic ancient Roman text, one of the earliest surviving works related to feminine beauty. The text is presented in the original Latin, with a superb verse translation in English, printed on opposing pages (Latin left, English right). The English translation, once thought to be by Dryden, was first published by Tonson in 1709, and is very romantic and evocative:


Your first preoccupations, my dears, should be your manners.
When a woman's manners are good, she never fails to attract.
Manners indeed are more than half the battle.
Time will lay waste your beauty, and your pretty face will be lined with wrinkles.
The day will come when you will be sorry you looked at yourself in the mirror,
and regret for your vanished beauty will give you still more wrinkles.
But a good disposition is a virtue in itself, and it is lasting,
the burdens of the years cannot depress it,
and love that is founded on it endures to the end.

Ovid also includes the recipes for actual Roman recipes for cosmetics and cleansing mixtures. Ovid (43 BC-AD 18), Latin poet of love poetry and other works, died after a long exile after he was rumored to be having an affair with the granddaughter of the Emperor.

The work is illustrated with six original wood-engravings by German artist Hans Ulrich, and are reminiscent of Alphonse Mucha, being in the Art Nouveau manner. Each illustration is printed from the original engraving. The text was printed letterpress by Jonathan Clark on Arches paper.

The 'regular' edition is bound with a natural vellum spine over pale grey handmade paper boards, and was limited to 140 copies (of a total edition of 150). Each copy is numbered, and is signed by the artist and by binder Ludwig Mohr.

Price: $349.95

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The deluxe edition is bound in full natural vellum, and is issued in a heavy slipcase covered with pale grey handmade paper, with neatly executed vellum tips. The deluxe edition is limited to only 10 numbered copies, and is signed by the artist and by binder Ludwig Mohr. It also includes a portfolio of original prints of the illustrations, each print signed and numbered by the artist.

Price: $799.95

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Mistress Spirit by Clayton Eshleman:
Los Angeles, 1989.

Contains 13 poems in all, plus the author's preface. printed letterpress on Mohawk paper by Patrick Reagh.

Although this title is OP, we have copies in stock.

There are 3 editions of this title:

PAPERBACK: One of 600 copies, cover linocut by Phillip Bevis.

Price $15

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HARDCOVER: Limited to 100 copies, signed by author Clayton Eshleman on limitation page.

Price $50

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DELUXE HARDCOVER: Limited to 50 copies, signed by author Clayton Eshleman on limitation page.

Price $100

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Shown is the paperback edition.

Novices: A Study of Poetic Apprenticeship by Clayton Eshleman:
Los Angeles, 1989.

A brilliant and incisive autobiographical narrative of the author's evolution as poet and man through the lens and means of poetry. Account of Eshleman's apprenticeship, under the aegis of Cesar Vallejo. Includes a 2 page text by Charles Olson.

"... a physical book on the soul-meat of poetics" (Gary Snyder, quoted on lower wrapper).

Selected as one of the "Outstanding Academic Books" of the year by CHOICE magazine (published by the American Library Association).

Although this title is OP, we have copies in stock of all but the hardcover trade.

There are 3 formats for this title:


Price $12.95

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DELUXE HARDCOVER EDITION: One of 50 deluxe hardcover copies signed by the author, with an illustrated holograph poem in the author's hand laid in.

Price: $100

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Shown is the paperback edition.

The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear, Illustrated by Stefan Klima:
Los Angeles, 1988.

Fine press issue of one of the best loved lyrics of the famed English author of nonsense verse, issued to mark the 100th anniversary of Lear's death.

With illustrations specially commissioned for this edition by Stefan Klima.

The book was printed letterpress in handset Goudy typefaces on Rives BFK paper by Philip Bevis (with the assistance of Stefan Klima); each copy is signed and numbered by Klima on limitation page. Bound in black silk.

There are 2 formats for this work:

REGULAR EDITION: One of 50 numbered copies (of a total edition of 75); signed.

Price: $85

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DELUXE EDITION: One of only 25 hand-colored numbered copies (of a total edition of 75); each illustration in this copy has been hand-colored in watercolor by the artist; signed.

Price $150

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Flying the Body: Poems 1991:92 by Nathaniel Tarn:
Los Angeles, 1993.

A poetic evocation of the the joy of flight, once described by the author as a modern retelling of the Icarus myth.


In sky always a fear
the trap will open
the flimsy doors,
or worse the floor, fall through,
not to the ground
(that factual enough)
but to a deeper landscape
where jealous earth
waits with cold hands

Printed letterpress by Chris Stern at Grey Spider Press in an edition of 125 copies.

Price: $50

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The Sandragraph: Between Printing and Painting by Harry Reese:
Los Angeles, 1987.

What is a 'Sandragraph'? SIMPLY PUT THE SANDRAGRAPH method employs painterly techniques in the creation of printing plates faced with acylic polymer medium, which are then, in Reese's experiments here, used as relief plates in the creation of unique monoprints using oil paints as pigments.

The text is printed letterpress by Harry and Sandra Reese at Turkey Press. It is illustrated with a cibachrome photograph, and tipped-in examples of specimens of Turkey Press publications that employed early versions of the technique. IT ALSO INCLUDES 6 HUGE ORIGINAL SIGNED UNIQUE MONOPRINTS CREATED USING THE SANDRAGRAPH METHOD.

Harry Reese is a well-known American artist whose work is held in many of the world's major museums of contemporary art (including the Getty). He teaches at UC Santa Barbara, and is presently engaged in several large public art projects.

One of only 50 copies (each signed by the artist), issued of this important work, which records the development of this (then) new printmaking technique developed by Reese. This huge oversized folio is housed in a cloth case.

Price: $4500

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Dreaming in Swedish: Three Poems by Philip Levine:
Los Angeles, 1994.

One of 105 copies (the entire edition), designed and printed by Chris Stern at the Grey Spider Press for the Arundel Books Poetry Series.

Signed by Levine in pencil on limitation page.

Price: $50

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