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Shipping Information:

Arundel Books ships carefully and promptly via the class of delivery that buyers specify and pay for. If no delivery method is specified, the default choice for US orders is media mail, and for foreign orders it is Consolidated Air Mail.

Please review the estimated delivery times below. If you need the book faster than we estimate, please reply immediately before your book ships.

The staff of Arundel Books is dedicated to the fair treatment and satisfaction of our customers. Please keep us in mind in the future.

US Orders:

Media Mail: Average is 9 business days per, but allow 2-4 weeks (sometimes longer, so think really slow). This is a very reliable and efficient method of delivery but is not a good choice if you need the book fast.

Priority Mail: (faster than Media): 2-6 business days.

UPS Ground: 2-6 business days (not available to Alaska or Hawaii). Available at additional charge, this service is most appropriate for larger books or high-value shipments.

Exceptions: Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories, possessions, etc., take longer. APO/FPO addresses: there are no valid delivery estimates; please be patient.

United States Postal Service (USPS) offers efficient and reliable delivery, but please be realistic about it (please note that some delivery estimates provided by do not match our data or experience).

Orders are tracked, if your order is LATE feel free to contact us for the tracking #.

Non-US Orders:

Consolidated Air mail: Usually quite fast - but sometimes receives low priority clearance at customs in destination country: Our delivery estimate of 2-10 weeks (sometimes longer) reflects the chance that your shipment may be delayed at customs. This class saves money, but is not appropriate if you need the book fast.

Global Priority or First Class Air Mail: Typically 5-10 days, larger books and addresses in the developing world can take 4 weeks. Where possible we ship Global Priority Mail in flat rate envelopes (not available to all countries, size limits apply).

We will, by arrangement, ship collect to your existing account via FEDEX, DHL, UPS, etc. We will require and confirm you complete account details including billing name and address, and authorized contact person.

Any and all customs charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

A Note on Estimated Delivery Times:

Our estimated time for deliveries are estimates, and are not guaranteed. They is based not on the promises of postal or shipping companies, or of the site that may have sold you this book, but on our real-world experience of some 100,000 shipments.

If you need the book faster than our delivery estimate, contact us immediately. We ship very quickly, but if we hear back in time, we can upgrade (at additional cost to you that varies based on weight and destination).

Honesty: Lots of companies and organizations make estimates and promises "for competitive reasons" (an actual quote) about delivery times that they know are unrealistic at best. We ship as fast as they do, and use the same class of service. We hope you respect the fact that we are being straightforward.

We tend to err on the conservative side, and we hope that your book will arrive sooner than we estimate. We would rather make you happy with honesty and prompt service than with empty promises.