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The author of the new Chatwin Books novel  Lit by Lightning: An Occasionally True Account of One Girl's Dust-ups with Ghosts, Electricity, and Granny's Ashes, and the 2004 Arundel Books release Karate Bride, Nicole is a passionate evangelist for creative expression in all forms. 


Clayton was the heart and soul of our Seattle store for quite a while. An avowed Southern boy, he is a fan of so many aspects of Southeern culture and cuisine there just isn't room to list them. He is also a successful fine art photographer - as well as passionate lover of books.


Rebecca is a former staffer-turned grad student turned security ninja. A former motorcycle repairman (person?), Rebecca's undergrad degree was in creative writing with a minor in scuba diving and marine natural history. Yes kids, you CAN do this. She is obsessed with the ocean, the completion of her first novel, swords, guns, knives, motorcycles, travel, and foreign movies. Yes, it's all true.


Shirley received her BA at University of Washington and a MLS at SUNY at Albany. Shirley was for many years the legendary Art and Music Librarian of the Cincinnati Public Library. Her husband Larry is one of Seattle's up-and-coming playwrights and stage directors. Shirley has the distinction of having read more self-help and health books than any person we have ever known. Should you find this humorous, we should point out that she has more energy than people half her age. We have been trying to talk her into writing one herself...


In addition to his bookselling duties, Roger was our  Director of Corporate Fitness. Seen here is the Little Birds core strength pose (named in honor of Anais Nin), Roger is responsible for our patented and trademarked Bookseller Fitness and Wellness Program.


Chris has been with us for 8 years, and is the heart and soul of our Vashon warehouse. Our internet customers whose orders are handled and packed by Chris often write with thanks for the care he takes.

The care Chris takes with books makes sense when his 'other career' comes to mind. Chris is the author of 5 published collections of poetry, and is the founder and editor of Spankstra Press, one of the Northwest's more innovative and active smal press publishers of poetry.

Spankstra has published an extensive list of work by authors like Charles Bukowski, Todd Moore, Antler, etc., and we have high hopes for future productions.

Click here to see our current stock of books published by Spankstra Press


DeDe is as passionate about books as she is about baseball - and that is saying a lot! Her enthusiasm for books and writers is matched by her energy level. Visitors to our Seattle store who were wearing gear with baseball logos will have the opportunity to talk at length about the triumphs and travails of 'Our Mariners'... or the latest mystery or serious novel. DeDe loves books, people, and baseball. She briefly pitched us on the concept of opening a bookstore concession at Safeco field... until she found out that there would be no view of the field.

Tom Retires!

After more than 30 years experience as a bookseller, Tom has retired. He was with us for 15 of those years, was the senior member of our Seattle staff, and will be greatly missed by all.

Ferryboats and books have played equally prominent roles in Tom's life. He commuted from the town of Silverdale to downtown Seattle (a three hour daily transit, on ferryboats).  Tom's book "Puget Sound Ferries: From Canoe to Catamaran", was published in 2001, is generally considered the definitive history of this essential transportaton system and world famous tourist attraction, and was co-authored with Carolyn Neal.

Tom has decades of experience as a new book buyer, and has a real understanding of current releases as well as a bibliophile's love for great books of the past. He has written book reviews for local newspapers, and been published in "Publisher's Weekly". But the most important thing that the book business brought into Tom's life is his dear wife Beth (his inspiration and joy), whom he met when she hired on as holiday help at Malibu Books & Company.  As Tom often says, "Books -- what a life!" Click here to order a copy of Tom's book Puget Sound Ferries: From Canoe to Catamaran.



Longtime Arundel Books staffer George is shown returning to the colors to serve his country


George was with our Seattle store for 4 years. He has a wide variety of skills and experience that have come in handy. A former US Navy Hospital Corpsman, he has extensive construction experience, and has nearly completed his library tech degree at a local college.

George was our tallest staffer, and also our most gregarious. His literary taste runs to history, politics, and biography, and he always relishes an informed discussion.

He also is an avid outdoorsman, and reads widely in fields relating to this. A master of barbecue cuisine, George takes pride in his extensive repertoire of recipes for all manner of game.

George has long had an interest in traditional black powder and muzzle-loading firearms. He even casts his own ball rounds!

George has often been heard to say that he would have made a great riverboat gambler... aside from the poker face.


Jezebel worked with us in Seattle for quite a few years, separated by a sojourn in France. She remains, at least in our hearts, the unofficial Arundel Books celebrity spokesmodel.

Jezebel was born in the eighteenth century, or thereabouts, where she enjoyed modest success as a chorus girl and maker of tatted lace. After losing all her teeth to mercury treatments, she came to work at Arundel Books.

She is a fan of French novels, English cigarettes, and the occasional spot of ether. She also knits.

Photo copyright Blair de Laubenfels.


Mitch was a founding member of Arundel Book's Seattle Staff, and later managed our Los Angeles Branch.

Born in Sasebo, Japan, and raised in Washington State, Mitch was exiled to Alaska's remote Aleutian Islands during his high school years (which resulted in a lingering case of autodidacticism). While thawing out during subsequent years, Mitch has indulged his interests in stereo photography (no speakers required), flashy clothes, the literature of the arcane, old mechanical devices, and antiques. He has an abiding fascination with antique furniture.

Between stints with us, Mitch travelled widely, and taught English in Turkey, Thailand, and sundry other places. Based in part upon his travels, Mitch has in recent years turned to writing, and has completed drafts on one (as yet unpublished) novel.

Mitch's favorite books are:

"The Hero with a Thousand Faces" Joseph Cambell
"Memories, Dreams, Reflections" Carl Jung

This portrait of Mitch is by noted California artist Don Bachardy (known to many as the long-time companion of Christopher Isherwood).


Morgan was our youngest-ever staff member and brought youthful vision and creativity with her every day. She is presently on an island somewhere in time.


Jessalyn has a passion for letterpress printing and the physicality of the book. She helped us reinvigorate our printing and publishing program, which contributed to making our new Vashon program (see possible. She was last seen heading East.


Dale was until recently the Managing Partner of our Seattle store. Dale is, as this photo will show, a happy native Ohioan. Dale had a long career as a manager with one of the major national bookstore chains before joining us.

Dale has recently left us to pursue his very promising career as a musician. In addition to his extensive experience in the book industry, Dale is a prominent percussionist who performs nationally as a soloist and with the percussion duo Two. His repertoire includes avant-garde work by such modern composers as John Cage, Stuart Saunders Smith, Roger Zahab, and Tom Baker.

Dale is also currently the President of the Board of the Seattle Composer's Salon. Click here to learn more about the Seattle Composer's Salon.

If this were not enough, Dale is a passionate fan of baseball. Since this photo was taken he has seldom been seen without one of his extensive collection of baseball hats (modern, vintage, and retro).

In addition to co-managing his own fantasy team, Dale plays on a local softball team, follows the New York Mets with the joy of a new father mixed... well to be honest, mixed all too often with the heartache of a groom left at the altar.

He can occasionally be found at Safeco Field, somewhere about 10 rows deep, far enough along the first base line to get a good look at Ichiro... and sometimes he takes his mit, just in case a foul ball comes his way.

Click here to see how Dale's team is doing!


Florine was for many years the Children's Specialist at our Seattle store, and was one of our most beloved employees ever. Florine has a degree in library science, and almost 30 years experience as a bookseller specializing in children's books. Florine is the author of two published novels, and is looking for a publisher for her first children's book.

Visitors to our Seattle store were often astounded by the depth of Florine's passion for children's literature, and by her encyclopedic knowledge of that field. The most arcane request was usually answered by "Oh yes, I know that book".

Florine always counted hours and days to the release of the new Harry Potter book, and always happily remind you (if you somehow managed to forget).

We will shortly be posting a list of her favorite and recommended titles for parents and children of all ages. She move far away, and we miss her warm smile and sunny spirit every day.


David worked for us for a number of years at 3 different locations in Seattle. He is a lifelong baseball fan, and self-proclaimed refugee from the Midwest

David retired from Arundel Books to run his own business selling books online and to raise future booksellers... or is that shortstops?


Mark is Arundel's former Marketing and Sales Manager. He also runs his own marketing and advertising shop, GR9 Communications (, when he's not keeping his mind (and tongue) sharp playing in the political world, and his body sharp playing in the outdoor world.

Mark's passions include hiking, rock climbing, sailing and world travel. He also enjoys photography, videography and writing political commentary, poetry and fiction (primarily spy-thrillers) and is a huge James Bond geek.

Mark also enjoys spending time with his lovely new wife, Rosie, who he met on when, he says, he "checked the Donna Reed" box. His favorite books are Tom Clancy titles and books on world history and war. He is currently living in Greece with his wife Rosie.


Arthur was for almost 20 years our Head Cataloger, and was the longest-serving staff member, having been with Arundel Books at our Los Angeles store from 1991 to 2010.

This Connecticut-born Yankee transplanted to California in 1973 and began the difficult work of obtaining degrees from both UCSD and UCLA in Spanish literature and Library science. Along with his linguistic knowledge of Latin, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Russian, it is needless to say that Art was indispensable to us as a cataloger, historical adviser, and an authority on all matters pertaining to James Joyce.

Arthur's personal passion for literature, and for the writings of James Joyce, are legendary. He is an active participant in a Joycean reading circle, and is a noted raconteur. Click here to see our list of books by and about James Joyce

The portrait of Arthur is a wood-engraving by John Thompson, and is from an Arundel Press publication called White Men: a Portfolio of Wood Engraved Portraits.

Click here to order a copy of White Men: a Portfolio of Wood Engraved Portraits.


Matthew was with Arundel for years, as the manager of our Los Angeles store. An affable, erudite Brit who came to the States to work in animation, he is passionate about art, literature, and music. His collage portraits are often on exhibition at LA-area galleries, and are remarkable.


Boris is not a fan of having his picture or personal information on the internet.

His attention to detail helped keep our Los Angeles internet operation flowing, and his understated sense of humor and considerable expertise in sundry fields are often astonishing. If you have been a cultural tourist in LA, you may have read one of his books.

One of the remarkable things about Boris is that no one can ever remember him making a promise he didn't keep... another is his tolerance for all the 'Natasha' jokes!


During her time with us, Patty was allegedly addicted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Netflix. She is passionate about Lyle Lovett and dark chocolate truffles. Entertainment Weekly is something she quotes frequently, so be up on your trivia before giving her a challenge!

And guys, given Patty's past work a bartender in Ireland, she has heard the Blarney before... so if you are going there make it good.


Charles is one of the few former Arundel employees to have worked for us in all 4 operations!

Charles enjoys travel and is seemingly ever on the move.

Charles says that he now spends his time savouring wine and fencing with the Musketeers in a Dali landscape to a Philip Glass score - that is when he isn't chatting up Cassandra on the walls of Troy while strains of Vivaldi weave their tapestry around his time travelling brain.

Justin aka OPUS:

Justin describes himself as having a short attention-span. Since we've known him, this former spoken-word performer, Microsoft programmer, chef, cheese-maker, website guy, bookstore guy, early Amazon employee (fired for his quip 'you should hire chimps'), graduated from Seattle's Gomper's School of Wooden Boats. Click here to learn about building wooden boats.

He is now working for Balina Interiors, which builds the interiors of some of the world's most luxurious super-yachts. He is now the proud owner of a house and a dog...

But don't let that fool you.


Jayme has a ready laugh and a passion for books.

Jayme was with us as she worked her way through school to be a dental assistant, but don't let that make you self conscious about your smile when talking to her!

In addition to her love for books and healthy smiles, Jayme has been a practicing astrologer for some 15 years...

And of course, she is also a licensed driving instructor.

Sounds like a great book, doesn't it... The Smiling Dental Astrologer's Guide to Better Driving and Literature...

Photo copyright B.K. Ramsey, 2007.


Talented artist, prolific reader, self-taught chef, and so much else, Alicia's energy and drive livened things up in many ways.